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Healing With Nature

Excerpt from Healing With Nature

(Page 108)



"Though most libraries and bookstores housed huge sections of self-help book focusing on how to have, improve, save, and leave intimate relationships, I had yet to find any wiser advice than the stories I stumbled across in nature. Trees lived creatively from the very particular places from which they grew, no matter what was happening around them. Rarely did I see relationships between trees to be perfect or even close to ideal. Such a concept was absent in nature because the trees were simply striving toward the real. They did so in imperfectly beautiful ways, like the young pine that made a looping turn at the very top of its life in order to grow laterally into the light. This young pine had found itself struggling to survive in the shadow of its massive elder. To continue growing along the genetically programmed pathway straight upward would have meant certain death. For this tree to live within relationship, it had to become extremely creative. It (the crown) turned a somersault into the sunlight available. I marveled at the genius of such a creative solution."