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"Healing With Nature is an inspirational book that gives depth insight into the heart of healing. Beautifully written, the book shows how the simple act of walking in nature can be a profound healing process available to everyone. Susan Scott shares her own story of healing a painful back injury, along with other people's stories of healing somatic and psychological illnesses. She shows us a way to heal our wounds as we learn to be with the healing gifts of nature."


~Linda Leonard, Ph.D., Call To Create



"More keen-eyed companion than therapist, Susan Scott nudges us to look for lessons in healing that lie beyond the manicured space of therapeutic practice. With her camera and stories, she invites us to see the young maple springing from the burl, a wound, on an ancient tree. Along the way, she invites us to heal that which can be healed, and perhaps more important, to carry forth with exuberant new life that which we must take on."


~James S. Korcuska, Ph.D., Resource Review Editor for Counseling Today



"Extending the concept of the 'wounded healer' to include nature itself, psychotherapist and poet Susan Scott gives us a book that's original, provocative, congenial, and above all, useful.  If you want new ideas about what psychotherapy can be, read Healing With Nature."


~Jeff Kane, M.D., How To Heal: A Guide For Caregivers